Articles by Joel Brenner

How Obama Fell Short on Cybersecurity

Politico, January 21, 2015


The New Industrial Espionage

The American Interest, December 10, 2014


Critical Infrastructure Vulnerabilities Affect U.S. Freedom of Action

Washington Post, October 24, 2014


Mr. Wemmick’s Condition; or, Privacy as a Dispostion

Lawfare Reserarch Paper Series, v. 2, no. 1, January 2, 2014


The FISA Court is Tougher than the Media Says

The New Republic — October 18, 2013


Clapper and Wyden:  Scenes From a Sandbagging

At the now famous NSA hearing, a senator laid a dirty trap.

Why we shouldn’t applaud.

The New Republic — July 2, 2103


Is Anyone Really Responsible for Your Company’s Data Security?

Harvard Business Review — June 19, 2013

Gray Matter:

Getting tough with China without war talk

Foreign Policy — March 8, 2013


Network News

Sandy turned off the lights, the phones, and the heat.  A cyber attack could make it all happen again.

Foreign Policy – November 7, 2012


The Calm Before the Storm

It’s happening: massive cyber theft of the technology that keeps Americans employed and gives us out edge. A veteran intelligence official explains how America can prepare itself.
Foreign Policy – September 6, 2011


Spies at Work Know Where to Find Your Secrets

Bloomberg – February 10, 2011


Information Oversight: Practical Lessons from Foreign Intelligence

Published jointly by the Center for Democracy & Technology and the Heritage Foundation
September 30, 2004


Joel Brenner in the Media

Will Obama’s NSA Policy Alter the Nature of Intelligence?

NPR, Interview with Rachel Martin, January 19, 2014


On Changes at NSA

BBC World News Interview – January 17, 2014


Whistleblowers and the Media

CNN, Reliable Sources, October 20, 2013


Judy Woodruff Interviews Joel Brenner About NSA

The PBS News Hour, August 1, 2013


How Did Low Level Employees Access National Secrets?

CBS Evening News with Scott Peley, July 30, 2013


Under Attack by China, but Is It “War”?

CNN, June 19, 2013


Will The NSA Rethink Its Data Collection System?

NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday Host Rachel Martin talks to Joel Brenner – June 16, 2013


Secrets Are Just as Hard as Privacy to Maintain in the Digital Age

A talk with Dina Temple-Raston on NPR’s “All Things Considered” – June 11, 2013


Getting Serious About Chinese Cyber Theft

Defcon 3 with KT McFarland – February 27, 2013

(At 17/24″)


Explaining the Risks to Critical Infrastructure

The PBS News Hour – August 8, 2012


Interview  on Critical Infrastructure

Defcon 3 with KT McFarland – August 1, 2012


On Leaking

FederalNewsRadio – June 21, 2012


Does Leaking Information Harm National Security?

NPR – June 12, 2012


Cyber Wars and Security Leaks

CTV News – June 11, 2012


America the Vulnerable

Fox News – May 9, 2012


How Much Have Foreign Hackers Stolen?

New York Times – February 14, 2012


Traveling Light in a Time of Digital Thievery

New York Times – February 10, 2012


China, Russia stealing U.S. technology

CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley – November 3, 2011


In a World of Cyber Theft, U.S. Names China, Russia as Main Culprits

Washington Post – November 3, 2011


China, Russia Top List Of U.S. Economic Cyberspies

NPR, All Things Considered – November 3, 2011


Stuxnet Raises ‘Blowback’ Risk In Cyberwar

NPR, Morning Edition – November 2, 2011


On Transparency in Intelligence

YouTube: Carnegie Council, New York City – October 11, 2011


America’s Digital Vulnerability

MSNBC: The Dylan Ratigan Show – October 4, 2011


Defending America Against Cyber Espionage

Fox News: Happening Now – October 4, 2011


Joel Brenner: “America the Vulnerable”

The Diane Rehm Show – October 3, 2011


In China, business travelers take extreme precautions to avoid cyber-espionage

Washington Post – September 26, 2011


Chinese cyberwar video goes missing

Washington Post – August 25, 2011


Cyber attack shows constant threat to key intel

CBS News – June 1, 2011

US arms makers said to be bleeding secrets to cyber foes

MSNBC – May 31, 2011


China’s spying seeks secret US info

Boston Globe – May 7, 2011


Bradley Manning is at the center of the WikiLeaks controversy. But who is he?

The Washington Post – May 4, 2011


Special report: In cyberspy vs. cyberspy, China has the Edge

Reuters – April 14, 2011


U.S. Spy Agency Is Said to Investigate Nasdaq Hacker Attack

Bloomberg – March 30, 2011


Post-9/11 Intel Sharing at Risk after WikiLeaks

CBS News – November 30, 2010


Remarks by the National Counterintelligence Executive Dr. Joel F. Brenner at the 4th Annual Multi-INT Conference

Office of the Director of National Intelligence – February 24, 2009


CBS video: Cybersecurity at the Olympics CNET – August 8, 2008

CNET – August 8, 2008


The NCIX: We Need to Talk

Federal News Radio – July 10, 2008


American Bar Association: CounterIntelligence Threats

C-SPAN – March 29, 2007