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  • A Reflection on Veterans’ Day 2014

    I had the good fortune this Veterans’ Day to participate in a panel on surveillance sponsored by the ACLU at Harvard Law School and moderated by Professor Jonathan Zittrain, and the equal good fortune to have as fellow panelists federal appellate Judge Alex Kozinsky and the ACLU’s Alex Abdo.  It was fitting, on the day [...]

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  • Critical Infrastructure Vulnerabilities Constrain U.S. Freedom of Action

    A few days ago I explained in the Washington Post how the vulnerabilities of our critical infrastructure like banks and the electric grid can affect a President’s freedom of action.  The New York Times had reported that Mr. Obama specifically asked our intel agencies whether the Russian hack of J.P. Morgan was Putin’s payback for sanctions [...]

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  • The Chinese Cyber Espionage Indictment: What It Means for Your Company

    The questions have been coming fast and furious since the Justice Department indicted five Chinese hackers for systematic cyber espionage against five American companies.  A few are easy to answer:  There’s no realistic possibility that these defendants will be brought to trial, and yes, there will be diplomatic consequences for U.S. China relations and possibly [...]

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