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  • An Emerging Standard of Care in Cybersecurity

      Three things drive change in a market economy:  market opportunity, liability, and government action through regulation and tax law.  Yet none of these forces has had a material effect on cyber security.  Even statutes that create liability and define damages for the loss of personal information have had only a minimal effect on security. [...]

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  • Why Isn’t Cyberspace More Secure?

    Note: This article first appeared in Communications of the ACM 53:11 (November 2010). In cyberspace it’s easy to get away with criminal fraud, easy to steal corpo­rate intellectual property, and easy to penetrate governmental networks.  This spring the new Commander of USCYBERCOM, NSA’s General Keith Alexander, acknowledged for the first time that even our classified [...]

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  • The Policy Tension on Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Will Not Go Away

    The proposition that NSA should under no circumstances stockpile zero-day vulnerabilities, but should in all cases disclose them in order to perfect defenses, apparently has appeal in some quarters.  It is based on at least two false assumptions.  The first is that the number of zero-days is finite, or, if not finite, then at least [...]

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