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  • Critical Infrastructure Vulnerabilities Constrain U.S. Freedom of Action

    A few days ago I explained in the Washington Post how the vulnerabilities of our critical infrastructure like banks and the electric grid can affect a President’s freedom of action.  The New York Times had reported that Mr. Obama specifically asked our intel agencies whether the Russian hack of J.P. Morgan was Putin’s payback for sanctions [...]

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  • The Chinese Cyber Espionage Indictment: What It Means for Your Company

    The questions have been coming fast and furious since the Justice Department indicted five Chinese hackers for systematic cyber espionage against five American companies.  A few are easy to answer:  There’s no realistic possibility that these defendants will be brought to trial, and yes, there will be diplomatic consequences for U.S. China relations and possibly [...]

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  • An Emerging Standard of Care in Cybersecurity

      Three things drive change in a market economy:  market opportunity, liability, and government action through regulation and tax law.  Yet none of these forces has had a material effect on cyber security.  Even statutes that create liability and define damages for the loss of personal information have had only a minimal effect on security. [...]

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