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  • The Policy Tension on Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Will Not Go Away

    The proposition that NSA should under no circumstances stockpile zero-day vulnerabilities, but should in all cases disclose them in order to perfect defenses, apparently has appeal in some quarters.  It is based on at least two false assumptions.  The first is that the number of zero-days is finite, or, if not finite, then at least [...]

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  • Cyber Threat Information and the Antitrust Canard

    Those of us who tried to do big things in government have learned to be grateful for small things.  Yesterday the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division and the Federal Trade Commission jointly declared, “they do not believe that antitrust is – or should be – a roadblock to legitimate cybersecurity information sharing.” The business press immediately [...]

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  • Snowden: What’s the Harm?

    What harm has Edward Snowden done to his country? When Snowden asserts that the National Security Agency listens to encrypted Russian diplomatic traffic, it takes the Russians about twenty minutes to shut it down.  An operation like that can take many years to put in place.  When he explains exactly how NSA can implant devices [...]

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